A recovering addicts addiction never goes away. You can recover, but you carry that addiction with you for the rest of your life. One’s addiction lays dormant, just lying in wait, waiting for that opportune time when your guard is down, and when you think you’ve got it under lock and key, then BOOM! You find yourself in a state of relapse. Some relapses could last a day, some weeks, others forge into full-blown active addiction where in some cases, ends up taking your life once and for all.

As a recovering addict of 15 years (Mandrax for 10 yrs + Crack for 5 yrs) of active use and now 6 years of sobriety, the honest truth is…I’m dead scared of ever relapsing because I myself don’t know if I’ll survive that relapse.

The point I’m trying to make is this: Recovery is a lifelong process, it’s a battle every day to wake up and face those demons that left you burning in the fires of hell, let you walk this earth a product of the walking dead. It is during these difficult and trying times that one is more vulnerable than ever, because of the global economic climate, the ravaging rage of the Corona Virus pandemic, its impact, the grief and the sorrow that it has left in our families, communities and our society at large. Because just when you think you got it…Life throws you a curveball and you’ll end up striking out.

Always remember to respect where you came from, respect the struggles that got you where you are now and never ever for one moment DISRESPECT your addiction… because it’s lying in wait.

Surround yourself with good people, identify triggers and always, always keep that FAITH. For me, I replay wonderful memories I have created in sobriety and keep building upon those memories.

Spijo Makanvas is an ex-convict and recovering addict who has been clean for more than 6 years. He is an advocate for the reformation of communities especially ex-prisoners and drug addicts. He will write more about his experiences and take us through his life with the purpose of inspiring and helping the young generation to not make the mistakes he made. 

About Rewo Banele

Before we can educate the youth about business, we need to confront the challenges that are constantly destroying the youth before they even begin looking towards trying entrepreneurship. I was once a young man who needed someone to show me the potential I possessed as a young man growing up in the township. Today I am an Entrepreneur, Author and Executive Producer with a passion to educate young people in the township about their potential and challenges through entrepreneurial and substance abuse content. This is why I have dedicated part of this website to address issues of substance abuse and crime. Only after addressing these can we have hope to inspire young people into entrepreneurship.

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