This is one skill and mindset that will help him with everything even when you are not there.

A lot of men fail because they do not know how to finish, but watch what happens to children who learned from childhood to finish and take tasks to their max. A lot of successful entrepreneurs and husbands are people who once or more times finished something and took it to the max. Whether they played sports at the highest level in primary or high school. Or people who finished diplomas. Things THEY CHOSE to start. It’s not about the task, it could be anything. It’s what they become while pursuing to finish. They learn to visualise, keep discipline and achieve set goals. They believe it’s possible. That’s what life is all about in anything.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of University but they qualified to be accepted there in the first place. They took high school to the max hence they took their businesses to the max and became husbands with children.

Women always want men who win, they wait at the finish line of life and fuck the winner.

Women don’t care about your dreams, they care about you achieving your dreams. They don’t want to be busy with a guy who is always telling them what he will achieve, while he fails daily tasks towards that dream. If you are smart, have potential and have this great idea, good connections and skills that will make you millions yet you keep getting drunk, unhealthy, cheating, hanging too much with friends the fact that you are smart and have potential counts for shit to her eventually. This is because you are not finishing daily tasks, she will leave you or start fucking a guy like you but who finishes daily tasks towards his dream even if he is broker or dumber than you.

As a man you have to FINISH, ALL MEN instinctively know they have to learn how to finish.

We are born sort of useless as men. By age 13 a young girl, as creepy as it is, if she is beautiful and kind her parents and community already treat her well and wish her a good husband. She gets pretty privileges, even thousands of followers just for having a pretty face or body when she gets on social media. Things she did not work for.

We MEN have to build value, for example, only if we are great at something in high school, do we have girl’s attention. Things that take effort like studying hard to be the smart guy, or going to practice every day in sports, or hustling money to buy expensive clothes other can’t or dancing our asses off and entertaining the whole school. Without effort we don’t get to fuck nothing, we will never smell that slight metallic scent of pussy.

Unfortunately, many young men use the skill of finishing uselessly. We shela a chick for months or years and sleeping with her is the finish. And we repeat this with other women again and again instead of using it to grow in our lives. We end up being the ‘what happened to him? He was so what what’ back then.

Even after you finish, always throw in an extra stroke or two to demonstrate power and stamina.

We have a lot of baby mamas roaming because, at the time of conceiving the child, the guy had potential. But after the baby all of a sudden he never has money, he is not fathering, he actually sucks in his career, he is a drunkard everything falls apart for him because of not wanting to finish what he started.

Had we been taught as young men how to finish, we would marry or properly father children we make. But what do we have? We have men being boys with children they are left with mothers to finish the job while life finishes him.


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Before we can educate the youth about business, we need to confront the challenges that are constantly destroying the youth before they even begin looking towards trying entrepreneurship. I was once a young man who needed someone to show me the potential I possessed as a young man growing up in the township. Today I am an Entrepreneur, Author and Executive Producer with a passion to educate young people in the township about their potential and challenges through entrepreneurial and substance abuse content. This is why I have dedicated part of this website to address issues of substance abuse and crime. Only after addressing these can we have hope to inspire young people into entrepreneurship.

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